Grandmothers Circle the Earth is composed of  Women from all over our Great Mother Earth.  We totally acknowledge, honour and respect the very, very sacred thread held by  Grandmothers of all Nations, Tribes and Ethnicity. We celebrate our complete diversity as individuals. We acknowledge ALL our Relations.  And, we joyfully melt into our Heart Space and acknowledge The Oneness of All.

Come join us…

             … in the presence and breath of our Divine Spirit….

                           …which is Love.

Joining together to Create Circles, Gatherings, and Councils; sharing Sacred Creation Stories and Wisdom Teachings around the World.  As Grandmothers; we work together sharing Creation Stories, Water Ceremonies, Water Blessing and Water Healing. We address Universal topics such as the sacredness and necessity of Water to All.

In utilising the Sacred Rite of the Womb we Honour each person’s individual Healing of the Generational Wounds of Women, Children, Elders and Men ~ Unto the Seventh Generation and Beyond.

Grandmothers around the world are gathering in Circle and Council to address the concerns within their communities and globally. If you would like to start a Grandmothers Circle in your area, please contact us with any questions. Grandmothers Circle the Earth has been in existence since 2010, we can offer insight and ways to structure a successful Circle to implement your Vision and Mission.  We can connect you with other Grandmothers near you so that you can share wisdom and experience.

The Hopi Prophecy tells us “When the Grandmothers speak, the world will heal.” As Women of Wisdom, this is our time to dream together, pray together, play together, and instigate the changes called for during this time of evolutionary transition. Please join us!